Thursday, 29 June 2017

why it would be great to be a lion

Why it would be great to be a lion

It has sharp razor teeth,a long Mane,claws have you guessed yet If you guessed a lion you're correct I would like to be a lion because you can be the king of the jungle and did you know that a female lion needs 5kg of meat a day a male needs 7kgs or more a day.

Lion can catch their prey in one second  by this hiding in the long tall grass.lions live in prides with related females and up to three unrelated males; female lions live together their entire lives

Male lions are the only big cat species that have manes.female lions do the hunting together in groups while male lions stay home to protect the pride lions take care of their young by caring for them

The mother produces milk for her cubs the pride has a lot of cubs .cubs are mostly born at the same time lioness make a thicket for her cubs lions protect them selves with their size so would you like to be a lion  I know that I would love to be a lion I know that You will to I'm tanishka thank you for listening to my speech

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